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Chocolate Bonnets

1 Mould of tiny flowers
250g White Nestle Chocolate
1 Packet Marshmallows
1 Packet Marie Biscuits
1 Dipping Spoon
Chocolate powder colourings

Melt the white Nestle chocolate gently either in a double boiler or in the microwave. (I prefer Nestle for this recipe because it is thicker and generally a better quality chocolate) Separate three small quantities of white chocolate into little containers and add a tiny amount of powder colouring to each of the containers. Mix colours to make pastel pink, yellow and blue. Spoon the pastel coloured chocolate into the mould of small flowers and place in the freezer to set. With a teaspoon pour a small amount of white chocolate onto a marshmallow and then position the marshmallow on a Marie biscuit. It is better to place the marshmallow on the side fairly close to the edge of the biscuit. When the marshmallow is stuck on the biscuit dip them (balancing on the dipping spoon) into the white chocolate so that they are completely covered with white chocolate. Place the white bonnet on some wax paper to set. When the chocolate flowers have set remove them from the mould and stick them on the bonnet for decoration using a little melted chocolate as your glue. These bonnets make wonderful party favours for children's parties.






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