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Chocolate Egg with Carrots

1 medium Easter egg mould 250g of milk or dark chocolate
Icing carrots
1 large cellophane bag for packaging
Bulldog clips
Pastel colour ribbons to match the daisies
Easter stickers

Cut out both sides of your egg with about a 1cm edge all the way around. Gently melt your chocolate in the microwave or in a double boiler. Fill one side of the egg with melted chocolate and place the empty side of the egg on top. Clip the two sides together all the way around with bulldog clips. Now rotate the egg so that the chocolate that was in one half completely covers both halves. Once both sides are completely covered in chocolate you can leave the egg on your kitchen counter to cool down. Every now and then turn the egg over so that all the chocolate does not end up in only one side of the egg. Once the chocolate in the egg has reached room temperature you can place the egg in the freezer. Leave it for a few minutes on one side and then turn it over and leave it for a few minutes on the other side. When the egg feels cold to the touch and when the sides no longer look shiny the egg is ready to come out. Take it out the freezer, remove the bulldog clips and gently remove the egg from the mould. (If the egg cracks you either left it in the freezer too long or you did not rotate it enough. If you have one very thin side and one very heavy thick side then you know you did not rotate your mould sufficiently.) With a little melted chocolate stick some icing carrots onto the egg for attractive decoration. Then place the egg in a cellophane bag, tie it with thin strips of ribbon (mixed pastel colours to match your daisies) and then stick on an Easter sticker as a finishing touch.






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