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Surprise Chocolate Smartie Bunny

1 medium Easter bunny mould 250g milk chocolate
Bulldog clips 1 large box of Smarties
1 gold board for packaging
1 large cellophane bag for packaging
Thin strips of pastel ribbons Easter stickers

Cut your mould in half so that the half eggs are separate. Cut out each bunny shape with a 1cm border around the edges. Melt your chocolate very, very gently either in a double boiler or in the microwave. The hotter it gets the thicker it gets, so if you see it getting thick remove it from the heat immediately and stir it rapidly to cool it down. Now pour your chocolate into both halves of the bunny and fill them to the top. Leave the chocolate to cool. When the chocolate has cooled enough you will see that it has set around the edges of the eggs. When that border around the edges is about 3mm thick you can empty the rest of the chocolate back into the pot. This will leave you with two empty half bunnies. Now place the moulds into the freezer for about three - five minutes to set. Once set, you can fill one side of the bunny with smarties. Now pour a thick border of melted chocolate around the side of that bunny and place the other, empty half on top. Clip all the way around with bulldog clips. (The two sides should now stick together because of the thick border of melted chocolate that you poured around the edges of the one side.) Place for a couple of minutes in the freezer to set. Then gently remove the bulldog clips and the bunny from the mould. Place the bunny on a gold board and then into a cellophane bag. Tie the bag with attractive ribbons and add an Easter sticker as a finishing touch.






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