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Cherry Liqueur Chocolates

100g glazed red cherries 100g icing sugar 250g milk or dark chocolate
1 deep chocolate mould 125ml whisky/brandy/vodka/gin/rum
1 PVC chocolate box Brown chocolate cookie cups
Mother's Day ribbon and stickers

Place the glazed cherries in a plastic container (Tupperware if you have) and pour over the liqueur. Seal well. Leave the cherries to soak, overnight is fine but over a month is even better. In fact you can always have cherries soaking for when you need them. Next day: remove the cherries from the liqueur (drink the remains if you must) and roll each one individually in icing sugar, so they all have a sugar coating. Gently melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave. Brush your mould with a thick chocolate layer, so that when you hold it up to the light, no light shines through. Drop a soaked and coated cherry into each brushed shape and then top up with chocolate. Tap your mould on the counter to release air bubbles and for the melted chocolate to run smooth. Put your mould in the freezer to set. When the chocolate feels cold to the touch the cherry liqueurs are ready to be released from the mould. Place them into cookie cups and then into the chocolate box. Decorate the box with Mother's Day ribbon and stickers.






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