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Chocolate Marshmallow Pies

1 Pack Marie Biscuits
200g milk chocolate
1 Pack Marshmallows
Hundreds and Thousands
1 Dipping spoon

Gently melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave. Place a Marie biscuit on a microwave safe plate and place a marshmallow in the centre of the Marie biscuit. Microwave for ten seconds. You will see the marshmallow swell. Remove from the microwave and place a second Marie biscuit on top of the melted marshmallow. Leave to cool and set. When set, balance the marshmallow and biscuits on the dipping spoon and dip into the melted chocolate so that the entire biscuit is totally coated with chocolate. Just before the chocolate sets sprinkle some hundreds and thousands over the top of the chocolate marshmallow pie for a bit of colour. These chocolate marshmallow pies are a great treat any time and any place.






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