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Lemon Chocolate Cream Cups

500g White chocolate
Yellow powder colouring
Lemon flavouring oil
Gold foil chocolate paper cups
1 chocolate packaging box
Yellow ribbon
Mothers' Day stickers

Melt your white chocolate very, very gently either in a double boiler or in the microwave. Remember that white chocolate is much more sensitive to heat than milk chocolate and so it burns more easily. The hotter it gets the thicker it gets, so if you see it getting thick remove it from the heat immediately and stir it rapidly to cool it down. Separate one quarter of the melted white chocolate into another bowl, to keep white. Add a tiny (match head) amount of yellow powder colouring to the rest of your chocolate as well as two drops of lemon flavouring oil. Mix through well till there are no specks of yellow colouring visible and you have a smooth, even yellow chocolate. Spoon the yellow chocolate into the gold cups so that the cups are three quarter filled. With your teaspoon pour some white chocolate into the centre of the yellow chocolate so that you have a white centre circled by lemon yellow chocolate. Now tap the cups to release the air bubbles and for the chocolate to run smooth. Leave to set. You can serve or box the Chocolate Lemon Cream Cups just as they are. These chocs are a treat for any special occasion but especially for Mothers' Day.






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