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Chocolate Liqueur Cups

1 Chocolate liqueur cup mould
100g Dark chocolate
1 Thick chocolate brush
Tin foil or wax paper

Gently melt the chocolate in the microwave or in a double boiler. Fill all the cups in the mould to the top with chocolate. Leave the chocolate to cool on the counter. When a dull ridge has formed around the edges of the cups you will know that the chocolate has begun to set. When the dull edges are about 2mm thick you can hold the mould upside down over a sheet of wax paper or tin foil. Gently shake the mould so that all the chocolate runs out of the middle of the cups. Turn the mould right side up and tidy the edges of the cups. Place the mould in the freezer for a short time for the cups to set. Remove the cups from the mould carefully and fill with liqueur just before serving.






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