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Chocolate Smartie House

1 House mould
1 Roof mould
500g Milk chocolate
1 Thin 20cm cake board
1kg pack of Smarties

Gently melt your chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave. Pour your chocolate into the moulds and place the moulds in the freezer to set. You will need two wall pieces, two front house pieces, two roof pieces and two chimneypieces. When you have all 8 pieces of the house set and out of the freezer you can begin to assemble the house. Using melted chocolate as glue, dip the edge of a wall piece in the melted chocolate and hold it in place onto the edge of the front house piece. Assemble the rest of the house in this same way, leaving off one of the top roof pieces. Pour melted chocolate all around the bottom edges of the house and place the house on the cake board. When the chocolate has set and the house is firmly in place fill it up with the Smarties. Finally, using some melted chocolate again, stick the remaining roof piece on to complete the chocolate Smartie house. This house makes a wonderful Easter treat for all children big and small.






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