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Surprise Easter Bunny

1 Laughing bunny chocolate mould
200g Milk chocolate
1 Large packet of Jelly Tots
10 Icing daisies
1 Cellophane bag for packaging
10 bulldog clips

Cut both sides of the bunny out of the mould leaving about a 1cm rim all the way around. Cut out the flat, bottom part of the bunny on both sides. Place the two sides of the bunny together and clip tightly with bulldog clips. Place the clipped bunny upside down into a mug, with the cut away open side facing up. Gently melt the chocolate over a double boiler or in the microwave. Pour the chocolate into the bunny, filling the mould all the way to the top. Leave the bunny on the counter for the chocolate to cool and begin setting. When a 3mm dull ridge is visible around the edges of the bunny you will know that the outside shell of the bunny has set. Hold the bunny right side up over the pot of chocolate and allow all the melted chocolate in the centre of the bunny pour back into the pot. Place the bunny for a few minutes in the freezer to set. Carefully remove the bulldog clips and pop your bunny out of the mould. Fill the bunny with Jelly Tots. Cover the Marie biscuit with melted chocolate and place over the bottom opening of the bunny. Stand the bunny upright on its Marie biscuit stand. Stick the icing daisies around the edges of the Marie biscuit. Package in a cellophane bag and tie with a colourful ribbon.






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