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Pink Strawberry Chocolate Heart Box

1 heart box mould
250g White chocolate
1 pack of pink and white almonds Pink powder colouring
Clear cellophane for packaging
Valentines' stickers
Strawberry flavouring oil

Cut the mould in half so that the lid and the box are separate. This prevents the chocolate running out of the lid when poured because it can now stand flat. Gently melt your chocolate in the microwave or in a double boiler. It is very important that you do not overheat your chocolate particularly for this project because box moulds will buckle if you pour into them chocolate that is too hot. If your chocolate is a little too hot stir it till it cools down. Add two drops of strawberry flavouring oil and a tiny amount of powder colouring to the chocolate and stir through well. Now pour the chocolate into both the box and lid halves of the mould. Fill both to the top. Tap both sides so that the chocolate runs smooth and the air bubbles are released. Place them both in the freeze to set. The lid should set before the box so make sure you remove it earlier. When the box and lid have set remove them from the mould and place the empty box onto the gold board. Fill the box with the pink and white almonds and then cover with the chocolate lid. Now wrap up your box neatly with cellophane and add a Valentine's sticker to finish it off.







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