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Chocolate Cameo

1 small cameo mould
1 round mould - to fit cameo
200g white chocolate
500g milk chocolate
Cellophane sleeves for packaging
Paper roses
Ribbon and Mothers' Day stickers for decorating

Melt your white chocolate very, very gently either in a double boiler or in the microwave. Remember that white chocolate is much more sensitive to heat than milk chocolate and so it burns more easily. The hotter it gets the thicker it gets, so if you see it getting thick remove it from the heat immediately and stir it rapidly to cool it down. Pour the white chocolate into the cameo mould and place in freezer to set. Gently melt the milk chocolate and pour into the round moulds. Place in freezer to set. When the chocolates have set un-mould them. Pour a drop of melted chocolate on the back of the cameo and gently drop the cameo face up onto the milk chocolate round. Place it and leave it. If you attempt to adjust it the cameo won't stick and you will have to scrape off the chocolate at the back and start the sticking process over. Put your completed chocolates in cellophane sachets, tie with ribbons and decorate with small paper roses and Mothers' Day stickers.






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