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Marble Chocolate Cut Outs

250g White chocolate
4 Tablespoons Chocolate Orange Filling
Wax paper
Cookie cutters

Gently melt the white chocolate in the microwave or in a double boiler. Add four large tablespoons of Orange Chocolate Filling into the centre of your melted chocolate. Do not mix! With a spoon, very gently, pull the dark Orange Filling through your white chocolate, so that it leaves thick dark stripes. If you mix the filling through too vigorously the stripes will disappear and the chocolate will become a light brown even mixture. You don't want this to happen; you want to keep as much contrast as possible so the marbled effect is obvious. Put wax paper down on a cool flat surface. Now pour gently pour the marbled mixture onto the wax paper, smooth to an even thickness and leave to almost set. Take your cookie cutters and cut shapes out of the marbled chocolate. Use the cut outs for cake and cookie decorations or serve on a platter with coffee.






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