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Chocolate Bows

100g dark chocolate
50g white chocolate
1 set PVC bow strips
Bulldog clips
1 chocolate mould flat rounds

Gently melt both chocolates separately. Pour milk chocolate into the mould, tap to release air bubbles and then place in the freezer five minutes to set. Drizzle white chocolate over the bow strips and leave to cool. Then with a soft brush cover the bow strips in a thick layer of milk chocolate. Fold bow strips over into loops (Chocolate facing in) and clip the ends together with the bulldog clips then leave to set. When the loops have set remove the bulldog clips and gently separate the PVC from the chocolate. Assemble the chocolate loops on the flat chocolate round with melted chocolate. Start first with five loops on the bottom and then follow with the inside loops. These bows make spectacular decorations for cakes and chocolate boxes.






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