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Rum Chocolate Marble Hearts

1 Medium heart mould 250g White chocolate
Chocolate rum filling
Small cellophane bags for packaging
White ribbon with pink hearts
Valentine stickers

Melt your white chocolate very, very gently either in a double boiler or in the microwave. Remember that white chocolate is much more sensitive to heat than milk chocolate and so it burns more easily. The hotter it gets the thicker it gets, so if you see it getting thick remove it from the heat immediately and stir it rapidly to cool it down. Add two tablespoons of dark chocolate orange filling to the centre of the melted white chocolate and pull it through to leave stripes of dark chocolate going through your white chocolate. Now spoon the striped white and brown chocolate into the mould. Tap the mould to release the air bubbles and for the chocolate to run smooth. Place the mould in the freezer for about five to ten minutes to set. When the chocolates are set place them in small cellophane bags and tie them up with the heart ribbon. Put a Valentine sticker on the packet to finish off the presentation.






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