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Chocolate Strawberry Heart Cracker

Red chocolate foil
250g Milk chocolate
Strawberry chocolate flavouring
1 small heart mould 1 clear cracker packaging box Valentine's ribbon
Valentine's sticker

Gently melt the chocolate in the microwave or in a double boiler. Mix in two drops of strawberry flavouring. Spoon the strawberry chocolate into the heart mould, tap the mould to release air bubbles and place in the freezer for about five minutes to set. Cut your red foil into small squares big enough to cover your chocolate hearts. When set and released from the mould cover your chocolate hearts with red foil. Take a paper towel and gently smooth them down for a nice, shiny finish. Fill the cracker with chocolate hearts. Tie some attractive Valentine's ribbon around both sides of the cracker. Place a Valentine's sticker on the side of the cracker as a finishing touch.






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